Our association is for students and our members provide everything we can do.
Without the committees and the board, our association would not have activities, competition, trainings or even new members to join us.

Being a part of a committee only has advantages:
– experience in organising things;
– helping yourself to get structured;
– meeting new soon-to-be friends;
– contentment with your own membership.

Do you want help G.T.C. Walhalla and join a committee? Send an email to:


The activities commitee is a collection of fun people who wants to organise events for our own Walhalla members. Most ...
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The AIDcie is in charge of organising all activities surrounding the AID. This involves sports clinics, workshops, info markets, campus ...
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Since G.T.C. Walhalla is responsible of the bar every Tuesday, a bar-committee is installed. To provide good service and have ...
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Committee of Advice (CvA)

Some of our former board members are asked to join this precious committee. This committee functions as an advice organ ...
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This committee promotes the activities of extern parties, for example the other Dutch student tennis associations. They also visit the ...
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The Feestcie organises a couple of Walhalla parties every year at our own Toko! Current members: Stefan Visser – Chair ...
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We organize that one magical night a year, where (instead of our tennis outfits) the gentleman look handsome in their ...
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The KookCie o.d.z. ‘Kooko op de Toko’ is a committee that cooks for Walhalla members every Tuesday before the start ...
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The Media committee (MediaCie) takes and saves photos, and sends them out via the social media channels of Walhalla. In ...
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The SkiCie, Walhalla’s ski committee! As winter enthusiasts, we couldn’t resist the urge to bring a bit of snowy adventure ...
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The SportCie organizes sport activities for other sports beside tennis. Members: Luuk Zwartenkot (Chair)Thijs KramersKris DerksVincent MeeusIscha van Kesteren Interested ...
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The TEITCie was established to ensure that the new batch of freshmen feel welcome at the association and to introduce ...
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To improve the integration of our members, the weekend committee will organise an annual members weekend. In 2018 our first ...
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The Walhalla Integratie Partijen Committee (WIPCie) organises Open Tournament of walhalla. Current members: Chair: Marloes van der Lee & Giulia ...
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