Committee of Advice (CvA)

Some of our former board members are asked to join this precious committee.
This committee functions as an advice organ to the current board. Since former board members are part of this organ, they know how it is to function in the board of G.T.C. Walhalla.

Current members

  • Julie Muris – Chair
  • Leroy Amsing
  • Madelon Sol
  • Pim Vink
  • Rutger Leenders
  • Wouter de Vries
  • Simone Treur
  • Martine Landman
  • Bas Velthuizen
  • Axel Eijffius
  • Floris Dautzenberg
  • Thijs Kramers
  • Jari Tibboel
  • Thomas Vogelaar