This is the website of the Student Tennis Club of Wageningen: G.T.C. Walhalla. With more than 250 members we’re one of the biggest student sport associations in Wageningen!

At this website you can find a lot of information about Walhalla. You can find the information you will need for becoming a member, the many activities that we organize and information about our 11 committees and the board. For members, you will also find photos and registration forms for the activities and the Kooko on the website. In case you have still some questions you can always contact us!

Our Partners

Benefits of membership

If you have sports right at the Bongerd, you’re allowed to play on the Bongerd courts. However, when you join our association, you’ll be able to get a lot more out of your tennis career in Wageningen!

Only sports rights

  • Play at the 3 Bongerd courts anytime
  • Play at the 14 NVLTB courts anytime
  • KNLTB card
  • Lessons
  • Competition
  • (Tennis-)related activities
  • Automatically renewed

Borrel member

  • Activities at/by Walhalla
  • Automatically renewed
Sports rights required

Year membership

  • Play at the 4 Bongerd courts anytime
  • Play at the 14 NVLTB courts anytime
  • KNLTB card
  • Lessons
  • Competition
  • (Tennis-)related activities
  • Automatically renewed

Members about Walhalla

Still not convinced?

You can always contact us. Just come to our club house on a wednesday evening, join a toss evening, send us an e-mail or send us a Whatsapp message.


You can find the latest Walhalla news here and in our app.

Clubhouse and terrace open again!

From July 1st onwards the clubhouse and terrace are open again. These are the important things to know: – You can only sit outside, on the terrace. All the tables have numbers from 1 to 14, corresponding with the courts. – You can sit at the table corresponding with the court you have just played […]

Activities Period 5

On Monday the 16th of March period 5 will start, so this means many new activities! However… Because of the guidelines from the KNLTB and the RIVM, we had to cancel all activities at Walhalla until at least April 6. This means that activities such as the Single Club Championships, the Thymos gala, ice skating, […]

Activities Period 4

For the upcoming four weeks, there are several activities planned for (non)-Walhallla members by committees, but also by student tennis associations from other cities. The planning has changed a bit for period 4 since the poster was first published, so we’ll give you a little update! In the first week, there will be an Open […]

Walhalla Dies Party: Around the World

On the 22th of January, Walhalla organises a party: Around the World. More info? Click here  

Activities period 3+4

A new year, a completely new schedule! Grab your agendas, because you don’t want to miss any activities. The schedule for period 3+4 can be found below!

Walsweaters will be back!

Great news everyone! Since the last time, they were such a great succes, we will re-order the walsweaters! Fill in the form below, and get yourself into the warmest and acceptably-orange training (and normal) outfit. Same as last time, they will only be available on order. Come by the Toko in order to fit the […]