National Competition

The Spring competition of the KNLTB will start in April. It’s the biggest tennis event of the year in the Netherlands! Now it’s time to show your tennis skills and gather rating in the national competition! Whether you’re just playing a year, or for decades, there’re possibilities for everyone. Learn the game even better, and have great days and evenings!

Via the form below you can enroll for the Spring Competition, as team or individually (we will try to arrange a team for you). There is the possibility to play in a Men’s, Women’s or Mixed teams. See the picture below for which gametype you can enrol.

The person that fills in the form is the teamcaptain. Remember the deadline is on the 22nd of December.

Extra information KNLTB Competition:
In 2024, Walhalla will participate in the Spring competition of the KNLTB. The competition starts in April and lasts untill the beginning of June. All the information about the competition can be found on their website: najaarscompetitie | Tennis

If you (and your team) have never participated in competition before, the number of competition-types to choose from can be difficult. In case you want an introduction to competition in a less competitive and more social way, 8&9 tennis could be a good option. This type of tennis does not include playing for your ranking, but mostly for fun!

Other important information:
Signing up for competition with the KNLTB means that your team will be scheduled to play up to 7 matches on specific days and times. Although this is the competition for the province of Gelderland, sometimes a location you have to play at can be quite far away. Cancelling or not showing up for a match is against the KNLTB rules (you can check out their website for all the regulations), which means you are obliged to show up or to find replacement for teammates that can’t play. Keep this in mind when signing up a team, especially when your team only has 4/5 players!

If you have any questions about competition, please send an email to