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Have you graduated? Well done! On behalf of the board congratulations on your graduation. We hope you’ve had an amazing time at G.T.C. Walhalla in your student days. But when closing a story, a new one begins. Also as a non-student, there are still lots of possibilities to remain involved in Walhalla. When you graduate, there are basically three options, listed below.

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Remain tennis member

If you are not using the other facilities of the Sports Centre, Walhalla offers its graduates a special offer in coorporation with the ‘regular’ tennis association, the NVLTB. For a price of ~€130,- you become a member of both associations, which means you can still use all 14 NVLTB-courts and Walhalla related activities (with training at Walhalla as the one exception, since those are subsidized by the Sports Centre. You should take trainings at the NLVTB). Do you want to remain tennis member (now your graduation is coming up), fill in the form below.

Are you still using the other facilities of the Sports Centre? When your graduation is coming up, you can claim sport rights for first-year graduate in the upcoming month September. Refer to the Sports Centre ‘De Bongerd’ for pricing (click here). Please inform us about this in the form below as well!

Become alumni member

If you are not staying in Wageningen anymore, or are not interested in playing tennis, you could become an Alumni-member. For a reduced membership fee, you are still adding financially to the association (€10 per year), and are still able to join non-tennisrelated activities as parties, Kooko and special Alumni activities. Do you want to become alumni-member, and still contribute to Walhalla? Fill in the form below.

End your membership

Of course, it is possible to end your student days completely by ending your membership completely. The secretary will unsubscribe you from the association. Do this before the 1st of August, or else you will have to pay contribution for the full year.

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