The Board

The members of the board are chosen twice every year during the General Members Meeting (GMM), or in Dutch de Algemene Leden Vergadering (ALV). We will inform you through e-mail with the dates of the GMM/ALV.

The Walhalla board consists of 5 five members. The board changes each half a year, while each board member is in the board for a full year. Currently, the function are: Chairman, Secretary, Treassurer, Commissioner Technical Affairs and Commissioner General Affairs. Want to know what they do? Below, each function is explained.

Interested in joining the Walhalla board? Twice a year the board organizes an interest drink. Let us know you’re interested by sending an email to our Secretary (at

The functions of the board are as follows:


The one who leads the board meetings, is responsible for the club and communicates with other organizations like Thymos and De Bongerd. If you have a question about the facilities at the court, or you do not know who to contact, then you can always contact the chairman. Email:


The one who makes the correspondence, makes the protocol of the meetings and also during the GMM and makes the Annual Report. This person is in charge of the archive and has the most updated version of the list with the members of Walhalla. E-mail:


The one in charge of the money and the management of it; collects the contribution of the members and bills for trainings, and is required to maintain the cashbook. E-mail:

Commissioner Technical affairs

The one who will make sure that everything will be arranged for the members to play competition. Arrangements have to be made for example are subscribing of competition teams at the KNLTB. Additionally, responsible for the subscription for tennis trainings and the scheduling. This person is in charge of the contact with the tennis trainer. For questions you can sent an e-mail to

Commissioner General Affairs

The one who will organize all the great activities at Walhalla. For example the introduction evenings, visiting the Davis Cup or other tournaments and of course organize the Club Championship of Walhalla. Do you want to join an activity or have a question just send an e-mail to