Confidential Contact Persons

A Confidential Contact Person (VCP) is someone who you can talk to when you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced unwanted or unacceptable behaviour within the association. Unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can take many forms, like discrimination, bullying, (sexual) harassment, threats, stalking or gossiping, both online and offline. Even if it is very subtle, unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can still have a great impact on your feeling of safety and your pleasure in exercising. A VCP will help you to work out a strategy best suited to you and your situation. When you come and talk to a VCP you are the boss. We are here to help you work out a strategy but we can and will not act without your knowledge. And of course, everything you tell us is confidential.

G.T.C. Walhalla has two Confidential Contact Persons: Emma Spoor and Pim Vink. You can contact them via these email adresses:


You can find the confidential contact persons of SWU Thymos, Sports Centre the Bongerd and of Wageningen University here.