Commissioner Technical Affairs

My name is Leroy, and I’m third years Soil, Water, Atmosphere student. After playing some tennis in my youth, I rediscovered the sport when I started in Wageningen. For the past years, I’ve been an enthusiastic member of Walhalla. I love the tennis, though I’m not a very talented player. That’s why I decided to do a bunch of other stuff at Walhalla. Being a member of the WeekendCie and BarCie for instance. But also participating in the beerpong evenings, (smaller) tournaments, first Walweekend and all the external student tournaments I went to with some of you. I’ve had the opportunity to experience it all and enjoyed it very much! That’s why I now it’s time to join the board of our beautiful association, which I’m looking forward to very much.

This year, I’ll be responsible for the very core of Walhalla: the tennis. As Commissioner Technical Affairs, I’m will organise and improve the trainings and arrange the competition teams. Please step by on Tuesdays, or sent me an email at or if you have any questions!
See you at the tennis courts!