Kooko at the Toko

Due to the current Covid-19 rules we are not able to organize a kooko. We are looking forward to see you again  when the circumstances alow us to organize a Kooko (we are hungry either).

— Submissions for Tuesday, see form below —

To let all members enjoy a pleasant meal before shining at the Racket Evening, we invite everyone to join us for dinner Tuesday evening, starting at 18h30.

The KookCie (o.d.z. Kooko-op-de-Toko) will prepare a meal for every member joining. For logistic reasons, please subscribe before Tuesday 4 p.m., so we can arrange the groceries.

The costs of the meal will be €4 per person, which can be paid by pin or ‘tikkie’ (digital bank transfer). Subscription is possible through the form below!

Do you like cooking, or do you want to learn to cook for large groups? Join the Cooking Committee. Sent an e-mail to algemenezaken@gtc-walhalla.nl for more information.

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