Since G.T.C. Walhalla is responsible of the bar every Tuesday, a bar-committee is installed. To provide good service and have motivated members to help out with the most-wanted beers, a group of enthusiastic members is asked to take this precious task.

The bar has to be provided from 19:30 until minimal 23:30 with members of G.T.C. Walhalla. Experience in hospitality is handy, however not necessary. So, this is the perfect timing to boost your skills. The committee is free to fill in the shifts how they want it.

In general every member has a shift twice a period and one shift lasts for one and a half hours. In this way the member is able to join the racket evening at the same evening.

Current members

  • Pim Vink – Chair
  • Leroy Amsing
  • Matthijs Boscker
  • Alice Croonenbroek
  • Axel Eijffius
  • Mayke Graansma
  • Thijs Kramers
  • Rutger Leenders
  • Marieke Leemans
  • Marloes van der Lee
  • Diederik Padmos
  • Jari Tibboel
  • Sanne van der Stam
  • Bart Vermeer
  • Pieter Vis
  • Stefan Visser

If you are interested in joining the barcie, please fill in the form here or talk to someone after the bar on tuesday.