Welcome at Walhalla. We are the student tennis association of Wageningen. We are an open association, which means you can join us whether your a BSc, Msc, exchange student or PhD, all year round! Please refer to the following table, or read down further for all specific information.

Type Membership possible? Pricing (2020-2021) Sports Rights obligated? Condition
Student (BSc/MSc) Yes 40 Yes
Student (exchange) Yes 40 Yes
Non-tennis members (borrelmember Yes 30 No Cannot play tennis at all
PhD-student Yes 40 Yes
Other PhD Yes 130 No Cannot take part in Walhalla trainings
Graduate Yes 130 (able to play tennis) or 10 (no tennis) No Cannot take part in Walhalla trainings

Students and PhD students can both join our club for just €40. This membership gives you the right to join our lessons, tournaments, the weekly racket evenings, activities and the right to represent our club during the regional/national competition. However, additional activities such as trainings, committee activities and external tournaments may require additional fees. Also, when you become a member of Walhalla, you immediately become a member of the Royal Dutch Tennis Bond (KNLTB), which gives you the opportunities to join open tournaments at other tennis clubs as well.

Moreover, you can become a member of Walhalla when you don’t want to play tennis, but rather want to enjoy all other amazing parties, club-evenings and non-tennisrelated activities. These members will not become a member of the Royal Dutch Tennis Bond (KNLTB), and can therefore not play tennis at our courts, neither take part in trainings and racket evenings. The price for this membership is €30,- for a year. Obtaining sports rights at Sports Centre ‘De Bongerd’ is not obligatory for those members.

Want to join us?

To register, please fill in the online registration form.
You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible! Please note that you need to have a WUR card with sports rights to join our association. If you are not in possesion of sports rights we will get less financial support from Thymos for the whole association, which means less fun. To get these sport rights we refer to the following websites:

* For Dutch student, click here
* For international students, click here

Graduated and then?

Did you become a member of Walhalla during your student days and do you want to stay a member of Walhalla after graduation? This is possible, though under different conditions then students. Please check the graduation-page for more information!

PhD Students

PhD students have the opportunity to become a member of Walhalla. They are required to buy an association card (for more information click here). After promoting, AIO’s and OIO’s can buy an association card by the SCB for a certain price, which gives them the opportunity to be a member of Walhalla for one more year.

For certain types of PhD-contracts, buying student sports rights is not possible. Please refer to the ‘Graduation’ section for your membership.

We hope that we have provided you with enough information of how to become a member/stay a member. But if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them to our secretary (


If you do not want to be a member of G.T.C. Walhalla anymore, you should fill in the form on the Unsubscribe-page, or contact the secretary of Walhalla ( The secretary will unsubscribe you from the association. Do this before the start of the new academic year (1st of September).