General Statement Data Protection (Algemene verorderning Gegevensbescherming)

Privacy statement Considering the ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming’ (General Statement Data Protection) we inform you about the processing of your personal details. We inform you as follows: 1. Goal The association collects nor uses information for reasons other than described in this privacy statement. The association collects personal details of its members and participants of its tournaments which are necessary for execution of the membership and participation in tournaments: serving its members; organising activities for members and participants; sending news to members; promotion of the association or a tournament. 2. Legal grounds – The legal grounds we apply for processing of personal data is processing that is necessary for: Execution of a membership or participation where the member is a party. – To obey the law (accounting/ fiscal obligations). – Justified needs, where the association will assure that the impact on your privacy is as limited as possible. 3. Personal details Personal details which are processed are: initials, first and last name, address, phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, playing strength, current rating, picture, bank details and other data provided by you. During activities/tournaments organized by the association there will be pictures taken which can be used for promotion of the association/ tournament. By becoming a member or subscribing to a tournament, you declare to be aware of this. 4. Category of receivers (processors) Personal details will not be shared with third parties, unless necessary for specific processing. Personal details will not be shared internally. Our board and committees have been instructed to handle your details confidentially. Within the execution of the membership/tournament and the obligations expected of the association, the following parties will process personal details of members/participants. KNLTB (Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Federation): in order to serve members and participants optimally, personal details are shared with the KNLTB AllUnited: in order to serve members and participants optimally, personal details are processed by software supplier AllUnited. 5. Retention period Personal details will be saved on the server or in the Cloud and are secured appropriately. 6. Cookies for visiting our website We collect data to get insight into our users. Our website uses cookies to help analyse how users use our website. This information can be saved on our own secured servers or that of a third party. 7. Rights of members/participants As a member/participant you have the following rights when it comes to processing your personal details: Right to information on processing Right to insight in personal details Right to correction of personal details if these are incorrect Right to delete personal details and ‘right to be forgotten’ Right to restriction of processing of personal details Right to transfer of personal details Right to fill in a complaint on the processing of personal details at Authority Personal Details (Autoriteit Peroonsgegevens). If you wish to use one of these rights, you can send an email to Within a month you will receive a confirmation. By checking this box you indicate you are aware of this document and your rights when it comes to personal details. On behalf of G.T.C. Walhalla, The board