Walhalla organizes two series of lessons every college year, the winter trainings (September – January) and the summer trainings (February – July). The lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursday between 18 – 23 o’clock and given by a professional trainer. In both Winter and Spring/Summer there will be about 14 lessons (minimum of 12). The price of the lessons are €35,- per half-a-year (2019-2020).
The trainings take place at three articifial grass courts of Sportscentre De Bongerd. The lessons will be in given in groups of max. 12 people and lasts one hour. Groups are formed based on playing strength. Unfortunately, it is not possible to train twice a week. Note: because of the large request for training it is not possible to catch up a training later on if you missed one!

If you would like to register for the trainings, you have to become a member first (see membership). Members will get a notification when it is possible to subscribe for lessons. There will be a form, which includes playing strength (which you can find on your KNLTB card) and preference day (Tuesday and/or Thursday).

For Questions about trainings, please contact our Commissioner Technical Affairs, at technischezaken@gtc-walhalla.nl .