Covid-19 update, no doubles anymore but, singles still allowed

Dear Walhalla member,
You probably heard it in the press conference last Tuesday, but since last night, and for at least two weeks, only 2 persons can play sports together. This means for tennis, that doubles are not allowed for the next 2 weeks.
For the racketevening, this means that you can sign up for singles. We also by preference ask you to bring your own tennisballs to the court. As an extra reminder, you can also still reserve a court yourself in the clubapp and free play one versus one.
So court reservations can still be made, but only for singles. If you already made a double reservation, please split up the time and play two singles. If you don’t want to play singles, please cancel your reservation.
The measures from the past weeks are also still in effect. So you make a reservation, you play and you go. No matches, no audience and the clubhouse is closed.
For more info, go to or
Let’s hope that this will only last for the next two weeks. Be responsible and make the best of it!

Kind regards,
The Walhalla board and NVLTB board.

A small reminder of the Covid-19 rules, cause we can’t remember you enough times:
Short summary, read this carefully:
– Stay home if, you have any corona related symptoms or have a housemate with corona, fever or shortness of breath. Or was in close contact with anyone with those symptoms.
– Always stay 1.5 meter apart from eachother and take your distance, avoid crowded places.
– Use the routes set by the arrows on the club and the clubhouse (even if no one is there).
– Only come by if you planned to play tennis, be there max 10 minutes before starting, and leave after playing imm.
– Spectators are not allowed at the club.
The sportcanteen is closed, so bring water and/or soda yourself. Don’t bring, nor consume alcoholic beverages on the club.
– Respect the rules by all means, respect eachother and help eachother to follow the rules, we can only do this together.
After all take care for your surroundings, be wise and take your responsibility. We can do this together, and if we do so still play tennis ;).