SST at Fellenoord

December 11, 2022 all-day

This year we have been invited to join the Student City Tennis which is a tournament with 3 other Student Tennis Associations in a different city. Together with Slow (Nijmegen), Fellenoord (Eindhoven) and Lacoste (Tilburg) we will be playing against each other on four different days throughout the year. The first day will take place in Eindhoven at Fellenoord on Sunday the 11th of December. All the players for this tournament are already arranged. The only thing we still need are supporters that would love to cheer on our players and have a nice day. On this day we will travel in a big group to Eindhoven, watch some amazing high and low level matches, have a lot of fun and meet loads of new people. So if you would like to join this amazing day, sign up below!

By signing up you also immediately register for lunch and dinner which will cost approximately 12.50 euro’s. Hope to see you there!