Covid-19 update the 19th of November, doubles allowed again

Dear Walhalla member,

The last two weeks we experienced extra covid-19 measures. From today on, 19 november, these extra measures end. This means that we can play doubles again! The situation is now the same as it was before the past two weeks.

In the clubapp you can now reserve courts for doubles again for free playing reserve a court via the Clubapp: If you didn’t made use of the great ability to free play on our tennis courts see a explanation how to use the Clubapp here:

Also the racketevening will be again 4 persons per court. Still, covid-19 has not abandoned us, so keep a safe 1,5 meters distance from others, there are no tennis matches and no audience. Walk along the routing on the park when it is busy. The clubhouse will only be open for necessities.

Speaking of necessities, please turn off the lights of the courts when you finish playing and there are no people after you that reserved. This can be done on the touchscreen next to the toilets in the clubhouse, by tapping on your court. Here, you can also turn the lights on.

When the clubhouse door is closed, Walhalla members are unfortunately not yet able to open it due to technical issues. Please communicate with other people on the park, if you are one of the last, about who will turn off the lights. Cause, the people of NVLTB can go into this closed door.

In winter, the lights are sometimes on in the afternoon. If you play with lights on, please turn them off if you are the last to play on that specific court.

If you are coming to the park to play, make a reservation as well. If you made a reservation, but are not coming, cancel your reservation, so someone else can play. This are all just formalities, but we also want to see who are the last to be on the club

We can do this together. Play responsibly and most of all, have fun playing!

The board

A small reminder of the Covid-19 rules
– Stay home if, you have any corona related symptoms or have a housemate with corona, fever or shortness of breath. Or was in close contact with anyone with those symptoms.
– Always stay 1.5 meter apart from eachother and take your distance, avoid crowded places.
– Use the routes set by the arrows on the club and the clubhouse (even if no one is there).
– Only come by if you planned to play tennis, be there max 10 minutes before starting, and leave after playing imm.
– Spectators are not allowed at the club.
The sportcanteen is closed, so bring water and/or soda yourself. Don’t bring, nor consume alcoholic beverages on the club.
– Respect the rules by all means, respect eachother and help eachother to follow the rules, we can only do this together.
After all take care for your surroundings, be wise and take your responsibility. We can do this together, and if we do so still play tennis ;).