Board interest

We are living in turbulent times and it is unclear for how long this situation is going to last and when we will be able to return to our normal lives. However, we’re trying to stay positive and hope this will happen within the next few months. This is also the time of the year we want to get a first idea of who might be interested in doing a board year at G.T.C. Walhalla for the  academic year of 2020-2021. A board year is a great way to give something back to the association, develop yourself personally and get to know new people. It is not full-time and the time investment is low enough to do this next to your studies. As you might have heard, we’re planning to change to a yearly board switch instead of part of the board switching every half year. This means you will be on the board together with the same five people for the entire academic year. This will help with more bonding with your board mates and less administrative work because of less board switches. We understand that it might be unclear what a board year exactly entails and that’s why we want to inform you on this, in case you are interested. If you are interested in a board year, please fill in this google form to let us know.

Just to be clear, this form is not binding at all. It is just for us to get an idea of who might be interested, so even if you’re still quite unsure, please fill in the form. If things stay the way they are, we will most likely talk to you and answer your questions through video-calling. We hope that some of you are interested in doing a board year at Walhalla!