Annual Introduction Days (AID) 2021

Welcome at Walhalla!

G.T.C. Walhalla is the student tennis association of Wageningen! Currently, Walhalla has over 350 members. We have 17 tennis courts at our disposal, on which every week, the racket evening takes place on Tuesdays. After the racket evening, our assiciations evening takes place at our clubhouse into the small hours. Furthermore, we offer our members Trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But more about Walhalla below. 


First about the AID! You will find us this AID at the Workshops, Sports Clinics and the Info market. We are also one of the hosts of the Pub Crawl. Check the linked pages and the AID app for more info about those events.


After you join Walhalla, so can choose to participate in the Walhalla introduction: the TEIT. This is not mandatory, but is a lot of fun, so make sure to check out that page!

Open Evening

Did you join Walhalla during the AID, or are you still doubting? Come and enjoy the Open Evenings on August 30st and September 2nd (first week Monday and Thursday), and enjoy the Walhalla atmosphere, playing tennis and meet some people! You can still decide to join Walhalla and the intro TEIT during these evenings.

We hope to see you at the AID!

More about Walhalla:

Walhalla gives you the opportunity to participate in a lot of activities. For instance, you can join the Spring and/or Fall (national/district) competition with a team. We also proudly organize our annual Club Championships, where members of Walhalla can compete against each other trying to claim the title of the champion of Walhalla. Of course the atmosphere during the championships is more important than becoming the champion.

Almost every week, there is one or more activities planned and organised. Think for Tournaments, beach tennis, laser tag or a pubnight/quiz. Walhalla is more than just tennis! Last year, we visited Roland Garros in Paris, the ATP of Rotterdam, and had a members weekend, which will be held again in October! Stay tuned, and get to learn everything our association has to offer you!


Become a Walhalla member, and make sure you don’t miss out! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Website, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

 Still not convinced? Tell us why not, at !