Activities Period 5

On Monday the 16th of March period 5 will start, so this means many new activities!

However… Because of the guidelines from the KNLTB and the RIVM, we had to cancel all activities at Walhalla until at least April 6. This means that activities such as the Single Club Championships, the Thymos gala, ice skating, the party etc. will not be held. If you want to read more about our policy regarding the corona virus, you can click on this link:

The first activity that is planned, and will hopefully continue, will be the Mega Storen tournament organised by the AcCie. More information about this event will come later. On the 15th of April there will be a General Members Meeting, and on the 22nd of April the ExternCie will organize a Sports Evening with another student sports association. In the weekend of 29 April – 1 May, the NSK tournament in Amsterdam will be held.

Do you want to be updated with all activities, events and other important information, and also have an easy place to ask us questions or to meet new people to tennis with? Then you can join the “G.T.C. Walhalla Whatsapp Group.” This is only relevant when you’re not already in one of the Walhalla Whatsapp groups! Click on this link to sign up:

We hope that we can continue our racket-evenings, Kooko and other activities very soon. We’ll keep you updated!

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